This is how we improved Nemglas conversion rate with 67% 

Nemglas, a company specializing in glass doors for bathrooms, faced challenges in their online sales. Their Shopify store lacked user engagement and efficient customer journey mapping, leading to lower conversion rates.

Customer Journey Optimization

Arktic Studio undertook a comprehensive redesign of the Nemglas website. This involved rethinking the site architecture to create a more logical and user-friendly navigation path. Product descriptions were made clearer and more concise, menus were streamlined for easier navigation, and visual elements were enhanced to be more appealing and informative. The goal was to create a journey from landing page to checkout that was as frictionless as possible.

Custom Price Calculator

Recognizing the need for clarity in pricing, Arktic Studio developed an intuitive, easy-to-use calculator. This tool allowed customers to input their desired dimensions and immediately receive a custom price quote. The calculator was designed with user experience in mind, featuring a simple interface and quick loading times. This not only demystified the pricing process but also added an interactive element to the shopping experience.

A/B Split Testing

To fine-tune the website's effectiveness, extensive A/B split testing was conducted. This involved creating different versions of web pages, each with varying layouts, call-to-action buttons, content placements, and even color schemes. These variations were tested with real users to see which combinations performed best in terms of user engagement and conversion rates. The insights gained from these tests were invaluable in optimizing the website's design and functionality.


Increased Conversion Rate

The collaboration between Nemglas and Arktic Studio was a resounding success, demonstrating the impact of customer-centric website design and innovative tools like the custom price calculator. These changes not only addressed the initial challenges faced by Nemglas but also set a new benchmark for customer engagement and satisfaction in the e-commerce sector.

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