ABC Home specializes in magnetic LED lighting letters that add a personalized touch to any space. Despite having a unique and appealing product, ABC Home faced challenges in converting site visitors into paying customers.

Recognizing the potential for growth, they partnered with us to optimize their e-commerce platform and improve their conversion rates.
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ABC Home were experiencing a high volume of traffic on their product pages but struggled with low conversion rates

The primary issue identified was in a critical functionality issue within their custom word-building feature. Their custom functionality allowed customers to build personalized words, but each letter was added to the cart as a separate item. This confusing process led to abandoned carts and low conversion rates, as customers found it confusing to manage multiple items for a single word.

Additionally, the overall user experience on the product page was not optimal. The layout, call-to-action buttons, and navigation did not effectively guide users through the buying process, contributing to the low conversion rates. Recognizing these challenges, our team set out to simplify the custom functionality and enhance the user experience to improve ABC Home's conversion rates.

Our approach

Our approach to solving ABC Home's conversion rate issues centered on simplifying the custom word-building functionality and enhancing the overall user experience on the product page. The goal was to create a seamless and intuitive shopping process that would encourage customers to complete their purchases without confusion or frustration. By addressing both technical and UX aspects, we aimed to remove barriers to conversion and improve customer satisfaction.
Solving the issue

Solving the issue

To tackle the primary issue, we streamlined the custom functionality where customers could build their own words using magnetic LED letters. The existing system added each individual letter as a separate item to the cart, which created confusion and a cumbersome shopping experience. We redesigned this functionality so that when customers created a word, it was added to the cart as a single product. This simplification reduced clutter in the cart and made the purchasing process straightforward and intuitive, leading to an immediate increase in conversion rates.

In addition

In addition to this key change, we focused on optimizing the overall user experience (UX) on the product page. We conducted A/B split tests to identify the most effective design and layout changes that would enhance user engagement and guide them towards completing their purchases. This involved improving the layout to ensure a more intuitive flow of information, strategically placing key elements such as product descriptions, pricing, and call-to-action buttons, and enhancing the call-to-action buttons to be more prominent and engaging.

The result

These combined efforts created a smoother and more enjoyable shopping experience, resulting in a significant improvement in ABC Home's conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.


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